Micronised Linseed For Horses


Micronised Linseed is an excellent way of adding Omega 3,6,9 essential fatty acids to your horses daily diet. Linseed is high in digestible protein, offers support for the immune system, has antioxidant properties and is low in starch/carbohydrate which means it is suitable for all types of equines including older horses and those prone to laminitis.  Supports the skin and promotes a smooth glossy coat.  Great for your horse inside and outside.

Grown and processed in the UK



Micronised Linseed is a fantastic all round supplement that can assist with arthritis and joint issues, aid digestion and helps maintain a healthy skin and coat.

The balance of Omega 3,6 & 9 fatty acids found in Linseed is unique in feed ingredients.  The benefits of Linseed and its contribution to health in the human diet has been known about for a long time and its inclusion in feeds for a wide range of animal diets is know to be just as beneficial.  Linseed provides the greatest level of high quality dietary fibre in any food (26%) and this mix of soluble and insoluble fibre traps water in the intestine aiding gut flow and the absorption of nutrients.

Micronised Linseed Meal grown and processed in the UK – GMO free.

A complementary feed supplement that can be mixed in with your horses normal feed.  The  high oil and low starch content of micronized linseed makes it a safe conditioning feed that can be included into most feeding regimes.

Feeding guidelines:  200gms per day for 500kg body weight  150gms per day for 375kg  100gms per day for 250kg.  Reduce pro-rata for smaller/larger horses.  As with all new feedstuffs introduce gradually over a period of days.  Feed twice daily in two smaller portions if possible.

Typical Analysis: Protein 23% Oil 35% (Omega 3 18.2%, Omega 6 5.3%, Omega 9 7.7%, Others 3.5%) Fibre 5% Ash 5.15% Lysine 0.93% Methionine 0.46% M+ C 0.81% DE 20.50 mj/kg as fed Calcium 0.23% Phospherous 0.65% Magnesium 0.36% Av Phos 0.20% Salt 0.31% Starch 3.7% Linoleic 5.15% Sodium 0.06% Threonine (total) 0.90%

Ingredients: Whole UK Raw Linseed Seeds, cleaned, micronised and flaked/ground.

Please store in a cool dry environment – as a guideline it is best to use within 6 months.

If you are in any doubt about your horse or pony’s health please consult your Veterinary Surgeon.

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